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Bridge2PT is an online healthcare platform that allows you to hand-pick a Physical Therapist based on their specialty, experience and hobbies to help address all aspects of your healing process and health goals.



Once you book an appointment with your selected Physical Therapist, for your convenience, the practitioner will come to you in the comfort of your home or work.

Through Bridge2PT, you can view each Physical Therapist’s availability calendar, eliminating scheduling delays, providing continuity of care and allowing you to directly book an appointment from a selection of prime times that best meet your needs.



OUR APPROACH 60 minutes of ONE-ON-ONE time with a Bridge2PT medical provider enables a comprehensive approach to your healing process and health goals, resulting in higher quality patient care.

DIFFERENCE The Bridge2PT APPROACH differs from the typical clinical experience, which creates time constraints with a licensed Physical Therapist and the scope of care you receive, and can lead to a cycle of unaddressed pain and injuries, along with a recurring need for treatment.

SOLUTION Bridge2PT provides a solution to the limitations within the current healthcare model and transforms the delivery of care you receive.

B2PT Physical Therapists

Bridge2PT contracted physical therapists have graduated from a credentialed program, are board certified by their state, have completed a background check, and have been screened by Bridge2PT. While all Bridge2PT physical therapists are trained to treat a wide range of health care needs, each may also specialize in specific areas of treatment.

Specialty Areas - Examples Include:


Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques

Soft tissue massage and mobilization, joint mobilization, nerve mobilization


Balance Training

Base of support, limits of stability, sensory organization training, fall risk assessment and prevention


Child Development Evaluation and Treatment

Torticollis, low tone, cerebral palsy


Chronic Pain

Fibromyalgia, low back pain


Ergonomic Assessment and Training

Workstation, home office, equipment recommendations, sleep positioning


Movement, Postural, and Gait Analysis

Identify and correct asymmetries in static and dynamic positioning, assessment of walking mechanics


Musculoskeletal Injuries

Runner’s knee, ankle sprains, neck and back pain


Neurologic Care and Rehabilitation

Stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease


Orthopedic and Other Surgical Rehabilitation

Joint replacements, rotator cuff repair, ACL repair, arthroscopic procedures


Patient Education

Diet, exercise, stress management, mindfulness

Kicking Ball

Sports Rehabilitation

Overuse injuries, agility work


Sports Performance Enhancement

Identification and remediation of performance deficits, sport specific training


Therapeutic Exercise Development and Implementation

Individualized flexibility and functional strength training, home exercise programs


Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vertigo, BPPV


Women's Health

Post partum, pelvic floor dysfunction, and more



Head injuries and return to sport treatment

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Why Us

Mission Statement Bridge2PT’s mission is to connect skilled licensed Physical Therapists with patients in need of convenient, high quality, personalized, one-on-one medical
care, addressing all aspects of health, wellness and healing.
Vision Each of us is faced with various life challenges (ie. busy schedules, family responsibilities, work demands, etc.) and our own self care is easily set aside.
Our Bridge2PT team noticed a lack of convenient, quality healthcare at a time when self care should be at the forefront. Thus, Bridge2PT was created to allow individuals, like ourselves, to take control of their own health and wellness on their schedule, while also being present and available for the most important people and events in their lives.
What is self-care? Self Care encompasses all aspects of personal health, including lifestyle, nutrition, stress management, mindfulness etc.
Bridge2PT Co-Owners and Doctors of Physical Therapy, Jeff Kunze and Collin McDonell, personally experienced the limitations of treating in busy outpatient physical therapy clinics. They were challenged with managing a patient’s healing process within a 15-20 minute one-on-one appointment time, which did not always allow them to address other areas of self-care beyond the patient’s primary reason for treatment. With this in mind, both Jeff and Collin saw a strong need to incorporate additional basic aspects of self-care, which are crucial to overall healing and recovery.