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Kathleen Olsen PT, MS, PCES
Master's of Physical Therapy
Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

I’m a passionate physical therapist with over 16 years of experience treating a wide variety of orthopedic, pelvic and neurological conditions. In addition to working with patients dealing with orthopedic and neurologic ailments, I have extensive experience supporting clients during pregnancy and postpartum... LEARN MORE


Laurel Echols PT, MS
Master's of Physical Therapy

With over 16 years of experience in orthopedic and sports medicine therapy, I've successfully helped a wide variety of patients feel better and return to function. My approach is a well rounded approach to take into account lifestyle and treat the person as a whole. Your program will be tailored to meet your goals including a comprehensive movement assessment, manual therapy, functional strengthening, and a breathing assessment... LEARN MORE

Matthew Eclevia PT, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Matthew Eclevia is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a LSVT Certified Clinician. He believes in a functional movement approach while acknowledging psychological and social factors to help promote lasting change. He emphasizes an individualized treatment approach to help each patient achieve their personal goals. As a physical therapist he believes it is important to collaborate with patients on multiple facets of health, wellness and fitness to promote greater long term healing and function... LEARN MORE

Emily Kryska OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

Emily is a dedicated and compassionate occupational therapist with a strong commitment to improving quality life for everyone that she serves. As an occupational therapist, she can help you or your loved one become as independent as possible with both activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living... LEARN MORE